Aphros Loureiro

Region: Vinho Verde, Portugal
Grapes: Loureiro

Aphros winery is the brainchild of Lisbon architect Vasco Croft who decided to explore his passion for wine in a XVII century family estate located in the Vinho Verde Region. Interested in Steiner's philosophy since his youth, and having led the Waldorf education movement in Portugal for many years, he naturally follows the path of biodynamics. Mountain horses, sheep, bees and special water cascades are part of the farm life. The vines, carefully managed through cover crops, are treated with home-made plant extracts. Being made from brandy, these preparations have their origin in the same vines they are destined to treat. The grapes are sourced from the Lima sub-region and the vines of Casal do Paço are situated in a south facing amphitheater north of the Lima River on gentle slopes with cool Atlantic breezes.

Tasting Notes: Bright pale yellow citrus hue. A wine with the backbone of granite minerality, were the aroma dominated by fruits and flowers, including hints of lime and orange with the essential oils of their skins. the mouth attack has volume and a vibrant acidity, enhancing length and persistence.
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